Vision Statement: The Northwest Illinois Stewardship Co-op believes that collaboration works and that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts.  NISC works with public and private landowners to educate, train, and apply the best land management practices across northwest Illinois’ extraordinary landscape.  We do this to promote and improve land and water health for the lasting well-being of all people and wildlife.

  • Prescribed Fire
  • Invasive plant control
  • Native Species Introduction
    • Native Seed Mix Sowing
    • Native Plant Plug Installation
    • Native Tree Plantings
  • Forest Stand Improvement
  • Forestry Mulching 
  • Land Management Consultation Services 
    • GIS Mapping 
    • Botanical Surveys/Natural Community Inventories 
    • Invasive Species Assessment
  • Management Plans 
    • 5 year Management Plans 
    • 5 year Management Plans with contract pricing 
    • Habitat Restoration Plans 
    • Illinois Conservation Stewardship Program (CSP)

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