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Your Lasting Gift

In partnership with Jo Daviess Conservation Foundation (JDCF), Casper Creek Natural Cemetery provides an alternative to traditional burial in a beautiful setting. As part of the purchase of natural cemetery services, clients make a tax-deductible donation directly to JDCF. The deductible donation amount supports JDCF land stewardship efforts and education / outreach programs. Non-deductible fees retained by the Cemetery pay for purchase rights for a burial plot, interment plot, or spreading of ashes.

First Steps

Services may be purchased “pre-need” (future end-of-life event) or “at need” (at the time of bereavement). As required by Illinois law, portions of service fees are maintained in separate trust funds to assure service delivery as well as perpetual care and stewardship of individual gravesites.

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Natural Burials

Natural, or “green,” burial is an end-of-life practice that emphasizes simplicity, environmental sustainability and aids conservation of natural resources by using biodegradable containers and avoiding embalming fluids and burial vaults.

Full Body Natural Burials

Interment of Cremains

Ash Scattering

Our natural burials follow conservation practices on legally protected lands where a diversity of native flora and fauna is maintained or enhanced.

The Casper Creek Natural Cemetery meets the highest standards of the Green Burial Council as a “conservation burial ground.” The GBC’s mission is to inspire and advocate for environmentally sustainable and natural death care through education and certification.

Casper Creek Natural Cemetery offers an affordable and sustainable alternative to traditional cemeteries that supports land preservation and stewardship of natural areas.

Our Services

The Natural Cemetery grounds provide individualized, peaceful areas for full body burials and cremains interment.

Full Body Natural Burials
& Interment of Cremains

Burial sites are marked by flush-to-the ground engraved stone.


We have a dedicated area for legal ash scattering.


Personalized plaques are available for those wishing to be permanently displayed on our memorial wall.

Return to Nature

Memorialize and honor your loved ones by connecting families and future generations to nature in a personal way.

The Casper Creek Natural Cemetery provides a beautiful alternative to traditional burial services.

The Casper Creek Natural Cemetery consists of 16 acres adjacent to the 85-acre Casper Bluff Land & Water Reserve. Located just outside Galena, Illinois, the site provides visitors with beautiful views of the Mississippi, miles of walking trails, restored prairies, and open oak woodlands.

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